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5 Common Complaints of Enterprise App Users

Posted by Steven Bergstein on Jan 27, 2015 10:29:00 AM

How do you know if a mobile app is being well-received by its audience? If you’re developing public-facing apps, the answer is easy: Just check the App Store ratings and reviews. If you’re developing apps for business users (i.e. enterprise applications), the answer is much more elusive.

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Web, Native or Hybrid: Which App Type is Right For Your Enterprise?

Posted by Steven Bergstein on Jan 20, 2015 2:23:00 PM

Abstract: When creating enterprise mobile apps, developers face a lot of tough decisions. Choosing between native, web and hybrid is among the most challenging. In this post, we offer some pros and cons of each approach, and explain how certain solutions make the decision a no-brainer.

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Multi-Layout Manager vs. Responsive Layout?

Posted by Steven Bergstein on Dec 23, 2014 10:44:15 AM

If you are new to nexacro, Multi-Layout Manager, often shortened to MLM, is the feature of nexacro that allows you to rapidly design application screens for devices with different display sizes.

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Topics: mobile application development, responsive layout,, The Nexacro Platform, Multi Layout Manger, WYSIWYG

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